Random French Discoveries #1

To make it more fun, and, i don’t know, more interesting i think (?), every month (or just when i have time, honestly) i’m going to make this little trivia facts about my random discoveries in France. This idea just popped into my head randomly as i was staring blankly at nothing on this 2 week fall school holiday, and so i think, “Why don’t i give it a try?”. This is purely made just for fun, guys, with no other intentions, and are seen from my perspective as an Indonesian exchange student living in France 🙂

So, let’s start…

  •  #1 : French people cannot live without bread, particularly the baguettes. It is almost the same case, like us Indonesians, with our precious white rice. Every time i have meals with my host fam they always have slices of breads in the middle of the table, and they eat them with their entrée and even plat (main course). They practically eat bread with everything, especially their favorite is with to eat them with cheese. Well of course they still can live without the existence of bread, but what i meant is that, French people would feel like something is missing when there’s no bread, like their meal feels… incomplete. (Sorry for making this sounds so cheesy, as if they’re losing their soul mates)
  • #2 : As we know, France is the center of gastronomy, so you can guess how their supermarkets look like. IT’S HEAVEN, yes people, i mean it. I know i’m being so lame, me in Indonesia, we don’t have this kind of supermarket, and so every time i do the groceries i feel like overwhelmed. They have everything, all kinds of things. The snacks section is my favorite by the way. You want something, well, you name it. Plus, they always have organic food section too, so yes, the supermarkets here have everything.
  • #3 : I don’t know if in other countries that this kind of thing exist, but last week me and my host dad just had our “drive-thru” groceries for the first time. So what you do is just go to the website, pick your groceries, print out your code, and voila… just go to the nearest supermarket (specialized for this service), pay, and pick up your sacks of groceries that had been prepared by the staffs. Talk about a great way to save time.
  • #4 : The amount of cheese in France is just unbelievable. In supermarkets they have special section just for cheese, and in my school cafetaria they had 3-5 types of cheese, i think, for us to choose. I am not an expert and i personally am not a fan of French cheese, so probably you can just google it and see it for yourself.
  • #5 : I find it quite shocking, but it is true, the students here ALWAYS pay attention in class. Sometimes there’s this just great silence in my class, and every single person is busy taking notes. Bravo guys, back in Indonesia, this is almost impossible to happen.
  • #6 : At school, the students prefer to use single sheets (they call them feuille) when taking notes, and classify them for every theme. After every class finishes they will gather the sheets in their clear holder/folder. It is rare to find piles of notebooks, unless you are asked to bring one. The sheets are also quite particular, as it has not only lines, but squares.
  • #7 : The kids at school are fashionable as heck. Well the majority i mean. From chic, boho, hipster, preppy to you-sure-you’re-wearing-that-to-school style, you name it. Even for the casual ones, i consider them also fashionable, and this includes the boys also. Their every day outfits are really #OOTD-worthy, making me wanna take their pictures and post it on Instagram sometimes.
  • #8 : Prepare yourself to talk a lot  and ears to listen when meeting older French people. From what i observe, French people LOVE to talk, especially the elders. They really enjoy talking, even if it’s just asking simple questions like ‘how do you do’ or ‘what’s new’.
  • #9 : It is a French culture to have meal, especially dinners, with friends and families in someone’s house. This means, staying at the table for hours, consisting of eating 3 types different meals and a lot of talking with each other.
  • #10 : Make sure that you speak at least a bit of French when you decided to live in France, or else you could be lost with no one to ask to (unless you’re in touristic landmarks). Don’t expect everyone to be able to speak or respond you in English. They barely speak English, even my friends at school, they’re not used to listening or answering things in English.

10 are enough i think for now. I hope it’s interesting enough to give you a glimpse about my experiences so far. Again, it is just my personal observation on these past 2 months, so… don’t take it too serious 🙂


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